Good health to you all!

‘Morning all … went to visit a good friend who had to have emergency surgery on Monday.  This guy is one of the healthiest guys I know and all of sudden – wham! – he ends up having part of his colon removed for diverticulitis (type of serious infection)!  So enjoy life to its fullest, my friends, ’cause you never know when life is gonna throw you a curve!

Speaking of enjoying life, I love the freshly-baked pepperoni pizza from Whole Foods market!  It’s a little oily but, boy, does it taste good!  Had a couple of slices yesterday … mmmmm!

Gotta go pick up my guitar today too .. had to take it in to have the nut worked on.  It’s been giving me problems for a long time so it was good that we took this short break so I could have it fixed.

Aloha, “D”