I’m back!

No more jet lag and I’m back to my normal routine (I think!).  It’s 6:00am and I’m sitting here at my laptop with a nice hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee,  trying to figure out what I have to do this week.  First of all, the Na Hoku Festival is this weekend so MDNA will be conducting a workshop on Saturday, 3:00pm, at the Convention Center, although we still don’t know exactly what kind of “workshop” we’re doing.  We’re also back to our regular Friday and Saturday gigs at Lulu’s and Kani Ka Pila, and also need to start planning for a concert at the Honolulu Zoo on Wed., June 9th.  And, oh yeah … I almost forgot about the Hawai’i debut of our new CD “EVOLUTION” – gotta start thinking about that one too!  Oh well, at least we had a nice, restful week-long break ….

Shot another golf score of 83 yesterday out at Coral Creek with my Selohssa club and tied for first place!  It was very windy and everyone was having a hard time keeping the ball in the fairway.  Which reminds me .. I have to start planning the club’s Great Escape to Las Vegas in October.

Uh, oh … here come the puppies again …

Aloha, “D”