Rainy Sunday

‘Morning all!  It’s a blustery and rainy morning here in Manoa Valley .. just the way I like it!  I was rudely awakened when our puppies decided to make my stomach their trampoline … damn mutts!  Oh well, just had my bagel, scrambled eggs, and coffee, and am now ready to tackle the day’s activities which include a round of golf with my Selohssa club.  Since it looks like it’s going to be a real windy day and the Coral Creek course is out on the Ewa plain, keeping the ball straight and in play will be a huge challenge!

Our friend Bear sent me a YouTube video of him & his brother performing our ALOHA YOU – KIZUNA song at a venue in Japan … it was so cute!  But what really caught my attention was not their performance, but the spirit in which they sang KIZUNA … good job, guys!

I’m off to the golf course … wish me luck!

Aloha, “D”