Aloha, everyone!  It’s 5am and for some reason, I am wide awake even though it’s midnight back in Japan!  It’s beautiful here in Manoa – I can hear the winds blowing through the trees and the birds are chirping.  Buster and Jazz are just starting to stir …

Had a bit of a scare last night – Peanut and Jazz attacked a big toad in our backyard and ended up getting poisoned.  Peanut got the worst of it and we had to rush him to the vet emergency … he was having difficulty breathing and was as stiff as a board!  The vet immediately started washing his mouth and gave him medication to counter the poison.  We left him overnight so they could keep him under observaton, but he seems to be ok.  Jazz had some very minor symptoms but is fine …

Got a lot to do now that we’re back … release of our new CD “EVOLUTION”, the IOLANI store opening …

Here we go again!!!!

Aloha, “D”


One thought on “Tuesday, May 18th

  1. Masako 12 years ago

    Hi Dad!! Yey! I’m still excited when I listen to your song of “Love the one you’re with”!! I shout “Hey!!” I wanna go to IOLANI store when I come to Hawaii next time. But I have no plan yet…lol Take care!

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