Heading home …

It’s after midnight, and I’m about to go to sleep here in our last night in Tokyo.  Just got back from Yokohama where we performed at the Ukulele Super Jam After Party at Thumb’s Up! with Daniel Ho and Fulare Pad.  We got to visit with a lot of our fans for the last time before we fly home tonight.  Our friend Hiroyuki brought some special CPK pizzas for a snack and Hirai-san brought us Krispy Kremes – awesome!   It’s been a long & grueling trip for ManoaDNA, but totally worth it – we finally were able to perform our contemporary music for our Japan fans and they loved it!  I’m getting punchy now, so I’m gonna go to sleep … will continue this after I get up in a few hours!

Ahh, good morning … much better!  Starting to pack up … never realized how much stuff I have!  It’ll be sad to leave all of our dear friends and fans in Japan, but it’ll be great to get back to home to Hawai’i!  There are so many people I’d like to thank (too numerous to mention)  for making this one of the best trips ever – the Taguchis, the Kases, Masako, Nao, Mari, Naoko, Tomomi, Yuriko, Keiko, Shino, Maki, Hiroyuki, Bear, Loko, and many, many others.  A very special mahalo to Ichikura-san and his HTJ staff – thanks for allowing us to represent Hawai’i in Japan!  I’d also like to thank Hirai-san and her team from JVC for assisting us at all of our performances – you too, Shin!  And finally … we couldn’t have done any of this without our manager Ann Suzukawa, and her awesome staff at Image International (great job w/ the blogs, Mika!)!  And Ann … please thank Sam, Takuya, Hiroki, and Ricky too!

MAHALO for all your kindness and generosity, Japan!!  We love you guys!

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Hi!!
    You guys are just leaving Japan now…
    Awww, how do I spend the time of weekends after you guys left Japan?
    Just kidding;-) But I’m already missing you guys!!
    Thank you for your great performances in Japan!!

    Have a safe flight!! And please take good care of yourself!!!

    We love you guys too!!!