Sunday in Tokyo!

‘Morning everyone … for some reason I was up at 4:30am this morning and can’t get back to sleep!  It’s Mother’s Day here in Japan so “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” to our manager, Ann, and all the rest of the moms out there!  We had a great time at the Yokohama Hawai’i Festival yesterday, and many of our friends & fans turned out to support us.  Mahalo, to Nao, Naoko, Mari, Tomomi, Masako, Yuki, Shino, Kanako, Maki, Asami, Shiho, and all the rest for being there (sorry if I missed your name!).   I also want to send a special thanks for all the wonderful omiyage that we received including the great draft beer, the beautiful lei from Nao, snacks from Hiroyuki, and of course, the delicious bento from our good friends, the Taguchis!

After we were done, we headed on over to Harajuku to meet with kumu hula Sandii and our friend, “Kapono” Yoshida, before ending up at Maisen Tonkatsu for dinner.  This place was awesome!  The tonkatsu filets were literally the size of a thick New York strip sirloin … honest!  The thing was so tender that you could cut it with a fork!  But what really intrigued me was the cheeseball and sausage appetizers – the cheese was fried like tonkatsu but so light!  I’m used to the dense, fried mozzarella sticks  that most restaurants in Hawai’i serve, but these were so soft and light – delicious!

Today’s a light day for us – we have a radio interview at FM Yokohama later this afternoon and then head on over to our friend’s house for a BBQ … should be a lot of fun!

Aloha, “D”

Yokohama Hawai'i Festival stage
At kumu hula Sandii's show with our friend Yoshida-san
Just another AWESOME dinner in Japan!!


  1. Aloha, DAD!
    I had fun time with my friends;D I was REALLY surprised when you guys came on to the stage( °▽°)σ You guys always made me HAPPY♪ Thank you so much:)
    Take care! See you soon!!!

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

  2. Thank you for your GREAT performance!!
    We had sooo much fun time:-) I’m looking forward to see you guys again and again and AGAIN this Friday!!! Awww, how crazy we are;-)

    until then… Alo—ha!!!!