Back in Tokyo ..

Aloha Kakahiaka!  We got back to Tokyo last night after performing in Hiroshima and Osaka this past week.  We had an awesome time and the people were so nice to me and the boys!  Mahalo to all of our friends and fans who came out to support us .. we love you guys!!

We’d also like to thank Ichikura-san and his staff for allowing us to once again represent Hawai’i in Japan!  We’re not done yet, though, and have several more gigs along with interviews and appearances in and around Tokyo next week, so we still have a busy schedule ahead of us.  Please check our website for the latest updates as to where we’ll be performing and I hope we get to see some of you there!

Aloha, “D”

One Comment

  1. Aloha!!!! I had fun time even though a little time. I was really glad to see Manoa DNA again,and I was surprised to run into you,Alex and Mark in front of the Hanshin department store. I listened your new CD, your song always makes me happy. I’m glad for you to spend wonderful days in Osaka, and I wish you have happy days while you stay in Japan. I’m looking forward to seeing again. Mahalo….. (Ñ‘_Ñ‘)