Hiroshima – Day #1

Minna-san, Ohaiyo gozaimasu!! We arrived in Hiroshima late last night after a very long 4-hour train ride!  As usual, we had our beer and Ichikura-san brought Yama-chan tebasaki (fried chicken wings – they’re AWESOME!) for us!  Yay!  After we got in around 11pm, he, Kaneko-san, and I went to eat okonomiyaki at my favorite restaurant, Henkutsu-ya, right near our hotel.  I was so tired, though, that I couldn’t finish my Soba Special!

We just got back from doing a soundcheck at the Flower Festival main stage, and it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day!  The entire main boulevard leading up to Peace Park is lined with food & craft booths for as far as the eye can see.  The boys are in hog heaven – there are corn dogs, yakitori, bento, and beer booths a couple of steps from the front door of our hotel!  It would take at least a  couple of days to cover the whole festival.  We perform later this afternoon so we’re going to go find a music store and then we’re going to have lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, Nanak.  Tonight we’re attending a party being hosted by the Hiroshima Hawaiian club.

Our last day at Venus Fort in Tokyo was absolutely fantastic!  A big MAHALO! to all of you dear fans who came out to support us!  It really means so much to me & the boys to see you there, and we will do our best to bring more MDNA music to Japan!!  We’ll be back in Tokyo this weekend, so hope to see you guys again very soon!

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Aloha!
    >Our last day at Venus Fort in Tokyo was absolutely fantastic!
    I think so, too.
    Your stage was splendid! I was very happy!

    When I shook hands with you, your “Mahalo” reached my heart.
    I am so excited to your “Mahalo”.

    I will go to Yokohama on Saturday. I look forward to your stage.

    I love manoaDNA.
    I thank you for reading it through.