Venus Fort – last day!

Good morning, everybody!  It’s Monday here in Japan, and we’re about to leave for another radio interview at J-Wave.  After that we have our final two performances at Venus Fort before departing for Hiroshima on the shinkansen.  I have to pack everything up before we leave for Venus Fort since we leave for the train station as soon as we’re done.  Rush, rush, rush …..

After our performance at Caretta Shiodome yesterday, our friends Kaneko-san and Shioji-san took us to Alex’s favorite restaurant, Yama=chan, where we pigged out on plates of tebasaki and nama beeru (chicken wings & draft beer).  It was so funny watching the waitress’ face when we placed our order for the tebasaki … I guess most people eat 5-6 wings per MEAL, and our first order alone was for 50 pieces!  The record for the most wings eaten is held by Mark, our bassist, with 38, followed closely by Alex with 35!  If you want the best fried chicken wings, you gotta go to Yama-chan!

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at the AM/PM to pick up water and my favorite waffle ice cream.  I must eat about 20 of these suckers every trip – it’s vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate sandwiched between two Belgian waffles.  It’s great!

And oh yeah … we saw our CD in the WAVE record store near our hotel!  It’s the first time we’ve ever seen our CD on sale in a store in Japan!  Awesome!!

Gotta run … aloha!


Yay!! Our CD's on sale!
Our beloved tebasaki wings ... so ONO!!


  1. aloha Guys!!
    this is your pal, pele reiko!!
    i got lots of e-mail message from our listeners to see your show.
    this weekend i played your kizuna in wiki wiki hawaii!!
    this song is awesome!!
    please spread your manoa dna sprits to JAPAN because they love it!
    see you soon in HAWAII.

  2. Thanks for the great show at Venus Fort!
    I really enjoyed it 🙂

    Yeah! Yama-chan’s Tebasaki is so yummy!! but 38?! or 35?! wings ate it??!!! Unbelievable! (@_@)