Radio – 5/2

Takashi Ichikura, CEO of Hawai'i Tourism Japan

On today’s DISCOVER ALOHA! radio show, I talked about two of my favorite body surfing beaches here on Oahu – Makapu’u and Sandy beaches.  We also had a nice talk story segment with Takashi Ichikura (see pic), who is the executive director of Hawai’i Tourism Japan, the organization which has been instrumental in bringing ManoaDNA to Japan for the past 3 years.  Mahalo, Ichikura-san!  Also included in today’s show was our top 5 favorite places to eat fried rice, with Likelike Drive Inn getting the top spot.

Our radio show, MANOADNA – DISCOVER ALOHA!, is currently broadcasted out of Radio-I in Nagoya so a lot of you will not be able to listen in if you’re outside of the Nagoya area.  We apologize for this and hope that the show will be available in your area soon!