Day One

We had an interesting first day  – our first performance was literally in a sandstorm and the second was freezing cold!  Yesterday was the start of our Japan tour to promote Hawai’i and our music.  We started off at the LocoMoco Sunset on Odaiba Beach which was a real cool venue except that the wind was smokin’ and it was like being in a sandstorm .. there was literally sand and dust EVERYWHERE!  The crowd didn’t seem to mind the stormy conditions, though …   We then went over to Ikspiari which is located right next to Tokyo Disneyland, and although there was no gusts it got really cold by the time we started in the late afternoon.  My fingers slowly got numb as our set progressed!

We have a series of interviews today before heading on over to Ikspiari for our second performance, so I hope it’s warmer than yesterday!  Last night we went to our favorite all-you-can-eat restaurant called Carne Station and just pigged out … lots of teppanyaki and beer!  We were joined by our good buddy, Vance K, a local boy from Hilo who’s been living in Japan for the last 15+ years and is a radio DJ in Yokohama.

Oops .. gotta run!

Crowd starts to gather at LocoMoco Sunset

Aloha, “D”

The boys and Vance K


  1. It was really a pleasure to see you!!!!
    Kandou sita!!
    It was so a happy time to hear your voices and can speak with you Dad!!!
    Thank you so much!!
    And see you tomorrow too!!(^_^)

    • Aloha, Yuriko-chan!
      It was great to see you & your mom at LocoMoco Sunset! I’m sorry it was so windy and dusty, but I hope you enjoyed our music. Hope to see you again very soon ..
      Mahalo, “D”