We’re baaaaack!!

Aloha, everyone!  We arrived in Tokyo late yesterday afternoon after a long, but comfortable flight.  After settling in to our hotel, we had dinner at our favorite katsu restaurant, Katsukura, in the Shiodome City Center with our manager, Ann, and her husband, Sam.  As always, I ordered my favorite katsu dish of sirloin filet and prawns which I washed down with a couple mugs of draft beer or nama beeru!  Ahhhh … life is good!!!  Anyway, after that great meal,  I was totally zoned out and barely made it back to our hotel before passing out with all the lights on!   I woke up at 2:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep … damn jet lag!

Today we’ll be performing at the LocoMoco Sunset on Odaiba beach and then at Ikspiari by Tokyo Disneyland.  And the adventure begins …..

Aloha, “D”