Ahhh .. Sunday!

Aloha kakahiaka!  What a beautiful and cool Sunday morning … especially after yesterday’s heat & humidity!  Yesterday was my mom’s 88th birthday, so the boys & I performed down at Arcadia for her and the residents.  There was wine & cheese for refreshments along with a couple of beautiful birthday cakes.  We tried performing DREAMS COME ALIVE but the boys and I had a real hard time … I got through one verse and then lost it.  The memories of my dad are still very strong ….

After Arcadia, we all went down to the Willows for an early dinner and then some of us went to Don Ho’s at the Aloha Tower Marketplace to see our former bass player, Ron, perform with his band, Wasabi.  They play a lot of the oldies from the ’50s & ’60s  .. very cool stuff.

I have more running around to do today in preparation for our trip next week.  The anticipation is building and we’re really looking forward to performing in Japan again!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Did you know that 88 can be pronounced “ha ha” or “(one’s own) mother”? Congratulations to your mom for having such a wonderfully talented family!

    Hope to catch your 2nd performance on May 6 at Hanshin Department Store.

    Safe travels & much aloha,