Happy Aloha Friday everyone!  It’s another gorgeous morning here in Manoa Valley and I have another very busy day ahead.  I’ve got meetings up the ying-yang until early this afternoon, then I have to run errands before going to a doctor’s appointment.  Gonna have to start packing all of our stuff this weekend for our trip next week too!  Because we’ll be busy preparing for our trip, we won’t be at Lulu’s or Kani Ka Pila this weekend … sorry!  We hope to see you guys when we get back at the end of May …

Aloha, “D”


2 thoughts on “Aloha Friday!

  1. Leilani 12 years ago

    Hey Lloyd: Glad you saw a ho’ailona when you went hakamaeri.
    Nice story Wayne Harada did on you guys in this morning’s Advertiser entertainment insert. Have a good time in Japan. When next you come to Mauna Lani, I’ve got an interesting golf story for you.
    I mua!

    1. dad 12 years ago

      Sounds good, Leilani! And yes .. the ho’ailona was pretty awesome!!

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