No golf today :-(

Hi guys .. I’m bummed!  I had to cancel my regular Thursday golf outing because we have a magazine interview and photo shoot this afternoon.  And since we’re preparing to leave for Japan early next week, I canceled my Selohssa golf outing this Sunday too!  I hope I’ll still remember how to swing the golf club when I get back!

As I explained in my previous blog, it was exactly one year ago yesterday that my dad passed away, and so we took my mom up to Punchbowl to visit his grave.  For some reason, yesterday’s weather was absolutely terrible – gusty winds and torrents of rain!  We joked that it was my dad trying to tell us not to go through all the bother and that he was already with us in spirit.  Well, we went anyway and seeing my dad’s plaque really brought back a lot of emotions for me.  I wanted the boys and I to sing DREAMS COME ALIVE for him, even if it was a capella, but I just couldn’t .. it was too painful.  Then an amazing thing happened as we were leaving Punchbowl .. through all the wind and rain, a beautiful rainbow appeared and stayed with us as we drove back to Manoa!  Whooo … I got chicken skin!  Thanks, Dad ….

Happy Anniversary, Dad!!!

Aloha, “D”