PURE ALOHA! released today!

“PURE ALOHA!” makes its debut in Japan today!!  The official release date is Wednesday, April 21st, but since  Japan is 18 hours ahead of us, it’s already tomorrow! (huh???)   Anyway, this CD is only available there and is a cool compilation of some of our past hits along with several brand new ones including KIZUNA, the soundtrack from our animated NHK video currently being broadcast daily throughout Japan.  My personal favorite is DREAMS COME ALIVE which Alex wrote for my dad after he passed away exactly one year ago ..

Hey, and by the way … Nick just started up our own ManoaDNA “Facebook-like” website.  He was showing Alex and me the details of it last night and it’s really cool … sort of a personal and exclusive MDNA social network!  More details will provided to all of you very soon so please stay tuned!

Aloha, “D”