Tuesday morning …

Brrrr … it’s a little nippy this morning!  Looks like the strong northerly trades are back along with the Manoa rain mists, so together they’re creating quite a chill!  But like I’ve said before .. I’ll take this weather over the hot, humid stuff we get in the summer and fall any time!!  Our house is pretty quiet right now since Carla & Linda just took the puppies out for their morning walk.  It’s wonderful to be able to hear the sounds of nature’s morning when you don’t have 3 mutts running around and barking all the time!

I have more meetings this morning at IOLANI – construction on our new store is progressing very smoothly and everyone is very busy trying to get everything ready for the June opening.  We will keep you all posted as the grand opening draws nearer.

And oh, yeah .. my guitar is finished so I’m going to pick it up today!  I’ve really missed playing it and can’t wait to get it back!

Yesterday I went to Bale’ Sandwich Shop near the Ward Warehouse to pick up one of their awesome avocado sandwiches!  It’s totally vegetarian and the combination of avocado, veggies, and dressing, on a fresh-baked french bun is totally out of this world!  They also have assorted dim sum, noodles, and another of my favorites, pho!

Aloha, “D”