Rainy Sunday

Aloha, everyone!  It’s another beautiful rainy Sunday morning here in Manoa Valley, and it’s also the final round of The Masters golf tournament!  I’m going to stay in and watch it on TV, and then try to go for a jog or stand-up paddle later this afternoon if I can get up the energy.  Oh yeah .. I also have to give the puppies a bath since it’s been awhile since these mutts had one and they’re starting to smell!

We had a much better performance last night at Kani Ka Pila compared to Friday’s gig at Lulu’s.  It was much quieter, the sound was cleaner, and things just seemed a lot less stressful overall.  Our friends Kiley and Kenji were there along with my sister Pat’s gang who we haven’t seen since the E&O days .. wow, that has to be 3 years ago!

After I played squash yesterday morning, I went and picked up some Kua Aina burgers for everyone.  I had my usual BLT sandwich with avocado and it was totally awesome as usual!  Another sandwich which I sometimes get is the mahimahi burger with ortega chile and cheese … very ono-licious too!

Aloha, “D”