Not feeling so good …

Good morning!  We performed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village last night and then had a late meal at Like Like Drive Inn.  I had my usual fried rice with two eggs, but started feeling a little queasy after I got home.  I’m feeling a little better this morning, but I can tell my stomach’s still not right.  I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me, so I hope I make it through the day!

I had a great lunch with a bunch of my Punahou classmates yesterday at the Willows Restaurant.  It was nice to see them and the lunch buffet was great!  They had Hawaiian food – poi, laulau, lomi salmon, poke, and chicken long rice – along with my other favorites like sushi and shrimp curry.  The only problem with eating a big of a meal for lunch is that you have to go back to work afterwards!  I’m sure a lot of the guys were nodding off at their desks!

Gotta run to my first meeting … see ya!

Aloha, “D”