New “guest” at our house!

Good morning, peeps!  The wind is SO strong this morning that I could actually hear it roaring down the valley before it hit our house!  It was really loud and sounded like an oncoming train …

We had a very nice visit with our pal, Roy Sakuma, yesterday out at his Kaimuki ukulele studio.  Roy is one of top ukulele instructors here in Hawai’i, and has taught many of the great ukulele performers that you now see today.  He and his wife Kathy have also been instrumental in the growing popularity of the ukulele – their annual Ukulele Festivals here in Hawai’i draw hundreds of performers from all over the world and feature some of the world’s top entertainers.  Roy and I have been close friends for many years and he was the one who got Alex started on the ukulele when Alex was a little boy.  Alex eventually began performing for Roy’s Super Keiki, and the rest is history ….

We have a new house guest – her name is Lola and she’s a Boston Terrier (I think).  Carla’s niece went to Florida to visit her family so we’re babysitting Lola while she’s gone.  She’s really kinda cute … I call her “Director Vance” from the TV series NCIS.  Check out the photo and tell me if  you see a resemblance!  So now we have FOUR puppies running around our house … chaos reigns in the Kawakami household!!

Aloha, “D”

Lola .. with a face like that she'd better have a great personality! hahaha