Congrats, Andie!!

Hey peeps!  Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Aloha Sunday morning … I plan to watch a little bit of March Madness on TV this morning before heading out to Hawai’i Kai for a round of golf with my SELOHSSA buddies.

The big news this morning is that Nick’s friend, Andie Hiura, won Miss Congeniality at the 58th Cherry Blossom Festival pageant last night at the Hawai’i Theater!  What a great way to celebrate months of hard work and sacrifice!  A HUGE congratulations to Andie, new queen Marissa Machida, and all the rest of the CBF contestants!

Our friend, Misa, posted some videos of our performance on YouTube yesterday .. pretty cool! (I’m kinda getting used to wearing my “Bobby Jones” cap on stage)  The sound is a little muffled, but it’s still pretty good  … thanks, Misa-chan!

Don’t forget to check out our song KIZUNA on NHK’s Minna No Uta which starts airing this Thursday, April 1st!  I’m not sure if NHK will show it here in Hawai’i, but it will be televised throughout Japan for the months of April & May.

I’m off to Zippy’s to get some breakfast.  Hmmm, I can’t decide what I’m ono for – the chili moco or the corned beef hash and eggs???  Decisions, decisions …..

Aloha, “D”