Golf Thursday!

Is it Thursday already?!  Boy, these weeks sure go by quickly!  I have some business matters to tend to today before heading out to Waialae CC later this afternoon for my weekly afternoon golf game with “da boys”!  We’ll probably have a small group today since a some of the guys are either out of town or injured.  Should still be a lot of fun, though ..

We’ve been working very hard on the new IOLANI  store and hope to have it ready in time for a June 1st opening.  Coincidentally, our new CD will also make its official debut on that date so we definitely have our hands full!

If any of you read my recent Facebook entry about my friend’s guitar, I’d like to hear your comments about it.  I mean, I can’t believe that a business would treat a customer so poorly!  Too make a long story short, my friend took her guitar down to a music store on King St. to have her strings changed, and ended up getting an unstrung guitar with oversized pegs jammed into the bridge like a cribbage board!  The store insisted that the pegs were the originals but somehow wouldn’t fit back into the bridge – when that excuse didn’t work, they said that the bridge must have gotten “swollen” somehow!  I mean come on, guys … the tips of the pegs barely fit into the bridge and were obviously the wrong ones!  I’m going to take her guitar down to Dan’s or Good Guys to get fixed … they should get a good laugh out of this one!

Aloha, “D”