Bellows Beach Park

For those of you who are not able to follow our radio show broadcasting on 79.5 Radio-i in Nagoya, Japan, “Manoa DNA Reports” is a segment from our show where we report about places or events around town and share them with our radio listeners. I am going to try and follow up here on my blog on those reports, so if you see this header, that’s what’s up.

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Like I mentioned on our radio show, one of my favorite beaches to go and camp at is Bellows Beach Park in Waimanalo. For those of you that have never been out to Bellows, if you head east past Sandy Beach, you will round the corner and arrive in Waimanalo. A quaint town on the east side of O’ahu, Waimanalo has great food joints, and even better beaches. As you venture into Waimanalo, past the polo fields, you will arrive at Bellows Beach Park. Part of the USAF Bellows Air Force Base, Bellows Beach Park is a limited access beach that allows for weekend overnight camping.

My friends and I often go to Bellows to camp, and our favorite time of the year is fourth of July weekend. This is a jam packed camping weekend at all beach parks on O’ahu because most people have the entire weekend off from work. You have to plan ahead and get permits early, but if you do, it is a weekend full of fun and fireworks on the beach. It doesn’t hurt that you wake up every morning to the ocean and sun!

But be careful of the man-o-war!

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