Monday pics!

Alex & Nick about to putt ... check out the awesome rainbow!

Hey everybody!  Got some pics to share with you, but for some reason I deleted some photos from last Friday night at Lulu’s … bummer!   I really suck at this computer stuff …

We had a good time at the 58th Annual Cherry Blossom festival yesterday at the Pearl Country Club, although they had to cancel the tournament after the 14th hole when the rain started pouring!  We all got soaked but felt much better after dinner and a few beers!  And guess what … Nick won the Grand Prize for the evening – 5 nights at the Sheraton in Chicago!  There’s only a slight problem, though – he’s gotta figure out how to get there first!!  hahaha!

We’re back in the studio this week to finish off stuff for our new CD and for JVC Victor.  “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work we go!”

Aloha, “D”

Yutaka, Wakaha, and Misa enjoying Friday at Lulu's
Drummer Seann's birthday smile!!
Yuriko and mom Tami enjoying a Lulu’s moment!

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  1. Thank you for posting our photo.That’s fun Friday night! We enjoyed ManoaDNA&Sean san’s drum:) Was it true about his age Nick said? Joke? He looks so young and energetic.