Golf tournament!

Guten morgen, everybody!  Bet you didn’t know I knew German did you?  I actually took 3 years of German in high school although I can’t remember squat!  Anyway, as you probably noticed I took Sunday off from “blogging” but now I’m back!  We had a fun time at Mark’s (MDNA bassist) son, Zach’s, 1st birthday party last night … lots of ono food, especially the Zippy’s chili and the homemade kim chee … mmmm!  Someone told me that the secret to Zippy’s chili is that they add peanut butter … interesting!  Mark’s mother-in-law makes her own kim chee and it’s so good that Alex wanted to bring some home so he could make kim chee fried rice.  The highlight of the night was when Mark was used as a model for the Bubble Lady’s bubble art – it was hilarious and Alex posted a picture of it on Facebook!  I’ll be posting my own pic either tonight or tomorrow on this blog …

We’re playing in the Cherry Blossom Festival golf tournament out at the Pearl Country Club this morning.  I’m not a big fan of PCC because I always shoot lousy out there!  Oh well, it’ll be a lot of fun anyway and I’m sure there’ll be some good eats too!  It looks like it’s going to be another windy and rainy day so I’d better make sure that I have the rain gear ready.

Aloha, “D”