L&L Drive-Inn

For those of you who are not able to follow our radio show broadcasting on 79.5 Radio-i in Nagoya, Japan, “Manoa DNA Reports” is a segment from our show where we report about places or events around town and share them with our radio listeners. I am going to try and follow up here on my blog on those reports, so if you see this header, that’s what’s up.

As I reported on our “Discover Aloha” radio show, one of my favorite places to eat is L&L Drive-Inn. L&L, as it is known here in Hawai’i, is a franchised chain of plate lunch restaurants featuring delicious local food. My favorite from L&L is the garlic shrimp plate, which includes fried shrimp doused in garlic, macaroni salad and rice. DEEELICIOUS!

Anyway, as I reported on the show, I have eaten at L&L Drive-Inn all over the country, including Oregon and New York. Below is a picture from 2005, which features me, in New York City, making shaka signs like a true dude…

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  1. that’s a really nice photo! part of an awesome whirlwind tour of manhattan…