Giant Peanut!

Our dog, Peanut, is so huge … especially when he jumps on your stomach while you are in a deep sleep!  He actually only weighs about 30 lbs., but is large compared with papa Buster and sister Jazz.  We had another late night at the recording studio last night so I was planning on sleeping in a little later this morning (7am instead of 6am!).  All of a sudden, my peaceful slumbering bliss is jolted by a sudden and violent blow to my mid-section – Peanut!  Frick!!  He decided it was time to wake everyone up so he could go pee and eat!  It’s hard to stay mad at him, though, ‘cuz he’s so cute!

We stopped in at Zippy’s for a late dinner last night after our recording session, and I had their chili moco.  It’s like the loco moco that a lot of you are familiar with, but with chili instead of gravy.  It was soooo ono!  They also add a coating of their special mayonnaise to it that gives it a weird taste … I always make sure I order the dish without all that stuff on it!

Thursday!  Golf!  Yippee!

Aloha, “D”

Peanut - beware of the sleep crasher!