Here we go again!

Well, vacation’s over … time to go back to work!  We go back into the studio this week to continue work on our new CD which we hope to have ready by the time we leave for Japan at the end of April.  We also have to start preparing for our Golden Week tour which is from late April to mid-May.  So far, it looks like we’ll be in Tokyo, Yokohama, Hiroshima, and Osaka, but we’ll know more as our trip draws nearer.

Alex and I are going to Dan’s Guitars to pick up some supplies.  I’m also going to have Dan take a look at my 12-string guitar since it may need some neck work.  He also told me that the guitar company CA (Composite Acoustic) may have gone out of business!  That’s too bad .. they made the best composite guitars in my opinion and I even bought a 6-string model last year.  Great sound …

I’ve got to go shower and get ready to hit the road, sooo … mata, ne?

Aloha, “D”