It’s Aloha Friday!

Hey .. wassup peeps!  It’s Friday evening and my day was filled with meetings for our IOLANI store which we’re building in our factory here on Kona St.  We’re targeting a June 1st grand opening, so if any of you are in the Ala Moana area at that time, come on by.  I didn’t get to play squash today since I went to have lunch with friends at the Surf Bar in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel … and what a gorgeous day it was!  The beach was packed and there were lots of swimmers and surfers in the water.  Tonight we had dinner at DK’s Steakhouse in the Waikiki Marriott and it was a little disappointing.  For an expensive restaurant, the food was pretty mediocre and the night ended with the valet forgetting to give me my change for the $12 valet parking charge!  And then we all wonder why tourism is having a hard time …..

Aloha, “D”