Golf day!

Yup … it’s THURSDAY!  And Thursday means it’s time for golf!  I know a lot of you are wondering, what’s so great about hitting a small, white ball around a field for 4+ hours.  Good question … however, I like to think of it as spending an afternoon with a great group of guys, getting some sun and a little exercise, and then topping off the day “re-hydrating” at the 19th hole!

I’m really starting to enjoy our little radio show on 79.5 Radio-I in Nagoya every Sunday morning … I think we’re definitely getting a lot better at it (although the radio guys may disagree!:-)).  We will be very busy for the next few Sundays producing more shows since we’ll be traveling to Japan from late April to mid-May.  We’ll also start recording our 3rd CD hopefully

Isn't this awesome?!

sometime early next week, if we can find the available studio and engineering time.

Oh, oh … here come the puppies – must be time for their walk.  And it’s cold and rainy this morning too (sigh!) …

P.S. – Check out this awesome rainbow I saw as I was driving downtown this morning … lucky we live Hawai’i!! (sorry, but I had to take

DJ "AK" on the radio!

this pic while in the car)

Aloha, “D”

Nick "the N" broadcasting on the ManoaDNA - Discover Aloha! radio show