Imanas Tei

Good evening!  I just got home after spending a few hours with Reiko and her gang from Studio Rim radio at Imanas Tei, one of my favorite izakaya restaurants here in Honolulu!  We had hamachi nigiri, natto maki, katsu, soft-shelled crab karaage, and gobo tempura … interesting!  Of course, we washed it all down with great Japanese beer and sake!  The most interesting thing, though, occurred when one of our friends, Sarah, decided to go shopping at nearby Nigiya Market right in the middle of our meal.  Now … people usually leave the table to use the bathroom or answer a cell phone call, but shopping???!  That definitely is a FIRST!

I spent today answering emails and attending a couple of meetings at IOLANI, and even had time for a game of squash at lunchtime.  We also recorded another radio show this afternoon which featured an interview with my old friend, Palani Vaughn.

Well, see you tomorrow …

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Mahalo for having us.
    It was absolutely FIRST experinence for me too!