Sunday – the day after

Hi everybody … boy, this weekend has been a real adventure!  The tsunami which passed Hawai’i yesterday (with little effect, thank God!) caused many anxious moments as we waited for its arrival, hoping for the best.  I heard that all the countries around the Pacific Rim were going to feel its effects, so I hope that they are as fortunate as we were.  If not for the tsunami, it would have been an awesome beach day with coolers, hibachis, and goza mats!  Also, Carla made a huge pot of her awesome chili – it’s got everything in it – so we were definitely happy campers!

So now it’s Sunday and it’s raining with strong wind gusts … no tsunami, but bad day for the beach!  Hmmm .. the kupuna must want me to stay still and rest up this weekend!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Hi Lloyd:
    Was bummed Twilight was canceled, as we’d been looking forward to seeing you, Carla, and the boys all month. But was very proud of how well Hawaii responded to the tsunami threat. Hey, we’re no dummies! And make no mistake, it DID occur — thankfully just not strong enough to show us the ocean’s real power. And today it’s raining in my neck of the woods, too. But we need it. Hope we’ll see you soon. Regards to all, including your mom.
    Best Aloha,