No golf today!

Aloha Kakahiaka!  Hope you all are having a great Thursday … of course, if you’re east of Hawai’i it’s already mid-morning or later, and if you’re west of us, you’re probably still sleeping!  Yesterday’s volcanic haze or “vog”, seems to have cleared with the return of mild tradewinds so this morning is cool, clear, and crisp!  I won’t be playing my usual Thursday round of golf this afternoon because we are performing on Pakele Live at 6pm for KoAloha Ukulele’s celebration.  You can stream it off the Internet or watch it locally on OC16.  We’ll be the first performers tonight since our bass player, Mark, needs to split for another gig as soon as we’re pau.  However, the boys & I are sticking around to help back up our pal, Tony Conjugacion, during his set which is right after ours.  I hope you guys will be able to see it since you may get to hear some of the new material which will be on our new CD debuting this Spring!

Aloha, “D”