Mid-week blahs

It’s Wednesday and there’s absolutely NOTHING going on today!  We just walked the puppies this morning, and  it appears that the tradewinds are gone and  the vog is back again which means more throat irritation!  Bummer!  I’ll be going down to IOLANI later this morning to see how our store is progressing before going back into the studio to record another ManoaDNA-Discover Aloha! radio show this afternoon.  We’re actually getting quite comfortable with the shows and they’re sounding more & more natural (I hope!).  We hope to introduce some new features soon – maybe even doing some interviews in Nihon-go (Japanese)!  Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, here’s a picture of me presenting him with an omiyage gift basket for best dressed ukulele player from the waist up!

Congratulations Herb!

Aloha, “D”