Quiet Sunday

Hey, good morning all!  It’s a gorgeous morning here in the valley … so quiet & peaceful especially after the party atmosphere at Kani Ka Pila last night!  Many friends and family gathered to help celebrate Nick’s birthday including our pals Susan Sunderland (Midweek) and Milan (MDNA’s recording engineer) & Maya Bertosa.  Carla made a delicious birthday “cake” out of cupcakes which was accompanied by rounds of birthday “shots” to wash it all down!  Ric Noyle and I were trying to recall what it was like being 27 and how our bodies miraculously survived all the partying we used to do back in our day!

We had a nice family breakfast yesterday morning to welcome the birthday boy and I’ve enclosed a couple of pics to share with you guys.  Carla has this killer waffle recipe which she got from her sister Pam, and it has to be made the night before so it has time to sit and “rise” .. but it is soooo ono!  What a way to start off the day!

My throat feels a lot better this morning than it did last week, so hopefully it’s finally on the mend!  I’m getting tired of sounding like a frog!

The birthday boy about to dig in!

Aloha, “D”

Ahh .. now for a little post-breakfast nap!