Aloha Friday!

Hey, it’s raining again and the temperature is quite chilly here in Manoa Valley this morning!  I’m actually wearing a thermal pullover which is unusual since I rarely wear one unless it’s really cold.  Of course, being in Hawai’i, cold to us in something in the lower 60s!  I also have to take the dogs outside to do their business since they won’t go by themselves when it’s raining … strange but cute!

I had another up and down kind of golf game yesterday – shot a 40 on the front and a 45 on the back nine.  That’s been my score for the last several outings and I can’t seem to be consistent for 18 holes … very frustrating!  That’s ok though, because I still beat my cart partner and arch-rival, Alton Kuioka, who always cackles like a hen whenever he’s kicking my butt!

We’ll be at Lulu’s tonight so I hope you guys can come down and join us for a little pau hana!  If you can’t make it tonight, be sure to come down to Kani Ka Pila tomorrow night when we’ll be celebrating Nick’s birthday … that’s right, my little boy is turning 27!  My how time flies!

Aloha, “D”