Here we go again!

It’s another early start for us this morning.  I’m waiting for Alex & Nick to show up and we’re heading out to the North Shore for an all-day photo shoot.  We were in the studio recording until almost 1am again last night, so sleep has been a rare commodity these past few days!  We’re going to take a break from the studio tonight and get some rest, then start up again on Thursday.  Gotta run so I’ll update this when we return tonight ….

We’re back and it was a really LONG day!  We must’ve taken hundreds of photos on the beach, in Haleiwa

On location at the North Shore - surf's was huge!

town, and here at our home in Manoa.  We had a stylist do our hair and makeup so I’ve included some pictures of the boys getting “dolled” up!  Even though it took all day, the photo shoot was a lot of fun and we want to thank Makoto, Kuma, Shino, and Hirai-san for taking good care of us!  It’s great that we’re taking a break from recording tonight … I’m finally

Alex gets his new "do" .. notice his happy face!
Nick gets his makeover too .. and no, he's not sleeping!

going to get a decent night’s sleep!

Aloha, “D”