Punahou Carnival!

The Punahou Carnival is this weekend, and since all 3 of us are graduates of Punahou it seems only fitting that ManoaDNA perform there!  We’ve performed at the carnival for the last 4 years and before that I performed with Cecilio Rodriguez of C&K, so it’s been an annual thing for me for several years!  We perform from 7 – 8pm up at the Hawaiian Plate which is in the school cafeteria on upper campus, so come on by and enjoy some great Hawaiian food and music!  Oh yeah, bring us some malassadas too … nah, just kidding! :-)  Seriously though, the malassadas at the Punahou Carnival are awesome and I always end up eating too many!

As expected, I didn’t have a very good golf game yesterday at Waialae.  I shot an 85 which is respectable, but couldn’t putt to save my life and I had no idea where the ball was going every time I swung!  And even though the sun was out, it was still pretty chilly so I had to put a windbreaker on after the front nine … I definitely don’t want to get sick again!

We won’t be a Kani Ka Pila again tomorrow night, but promise to return next Saturday – and I promise to have my normal voice back again!

Aloha, “D”