Happy February!

Well, it is February here in Hawai’i and that means one thing. RAIN! The rain has come to the islands, sweeping through and washing away all the bad stuff left over from 2009. Of course, with the rain, comes cool temperatures in the air, BUT NOT FOR MANOA DNA! We have a lot of great stuff planned for the month of February, so read below for some of the highlights, and stay tuned here for more information!

Here’s a quick list of what we have in store for February. For a full list, see our schedule.

5th: Punahou Carnival For the 4th consecutive year, Manoa DNA is happy to be a part of the annual Punahou Carnival. The chief fundraiser for the school, the carnival is always a big draw with tons of food, rides and games! Come down 7-8pm at the Hawaiian Plate Booth in the cafeteria and watch Manoa DNA jam for their alma mater.

8th: KHON Morning Show Promoting the second annual Ukulele Picnic, we will up bright and early and performing throughout the morning on the KHON2 Morning Show. Tune in via their website, or I will post the videos after we are pau.

13th: Ukulele Picnic For the second consecutive year, we are happy to be a part of the Ukulele Picnic out at Kaka’ako Waterfront Park. We will be on stage from 4:30p to 5:00p so if you are around come down and check us out before our usual Kani Ka Pila gig.

25th: KoAloha Pakele Live! Joining tons of KoAloha musicians, Manoa DNA will be performing on the Pakele Live! stage at the Ala Moana hotel. Come down to the Pakele Lounge and see us live, or check it out online at PakeleLive.com. We will be on stage between 6:00p and 6:30p.

27th: Twilight at Kalahuipua’a Also known as “Talk Story with the Artists,” the Twilight series at the Mauna Lani hotel is one of our favorite gigs of the year. Come and join us as we jam some music from the Eva Parker Woods Cottage and let you in on some juicy Manoa DNA secrets.

26th: Lulus Live! Adding to their usual performance down at Lulus every Friday, Manoa DNA broadcasts select shows Live! over this website. Once a month, you can tune in via our website and enjoy Manoa DNA music from wherever you are! Click the Live! at the top for more information.

12th & 19th: Lulus in Waikiki Come down to the corner of Kalakaua and Kapahulu to see Manoa DNA perform live at their weekly haunt, Lulus. 6-9pm most Fridays, you never know what’s going to happen at their weekly performances!

13th & 20th: Kani Ka Pila @ The Outrigger Reef Come down and see Manoa DNA under the stars in Waikiki. This outdoor venue is a perfect setting to relax and enjoy Manoa DNA!

7th, 14th, 21st & 28th: “Discover Aloha with Manoa DNA”Broadcasting from the Radio-i studios in Waikiki, Manoa DNA will be bringing a little piece of Hawai’i to Nagoya, Japan every Sunday! From 11:00a to 1:00p, we will be broadcasting music, interviews, and talking about what’s going on in Hawai’i and with Manoa DNA. For more information, click here.