Happy February Everyone!

A week late on the post, I realize and apologize, but what do you expect for free labor?!

February is shaping up to be a very busy one for Manoa DNA, and we hope you are all excited about what we have coming up for the month. If you haven’t already, check out our schedule for the full list and calendar of our gigs!

As you may have noticed as well, I have updated our front page with our latest music video from Hawaii Tourism Japan. We have partnered with them for the last four years, writing theme songs and performing around Japan. This year, the theme is “Our Hawai’i,” where we invite all people to come and see our Hawai’i. It is a beautiful place, and will be appreciated even more if you experience it from a local’s stand point.

The video is available to watch below. However, if you are a YouTube member, please visit the video and subscribe to our ManoaDNA.tv channel! Mahalo!


  1. Aloha, Nick!
    How wonderful! We were waiting for Mānoa DNA’s new song “Our Hawai’i”:D I wanna watch & listen to your live performance!

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

  2. Wow,beautiful!!
    I requested your new song on the radio station,’Wikiwiki Hawaii.’
    Hope to see you again soon in Japan!

    Happy Birthday,Nick 🙂