Feeling MUCH better!

I’m almost back to normal except for my voice.  It’ll probably be a few more days before it gets back to normal, but it should be back to 100% by this weekend … just in time for our recording sessions!  My naturopath physician gave me some medication on Monday that really seems to be knocking the virus out of me, and quickly!

The rains have gone but it’s still a little chilly this morning … at least the vog has cleared and we seem to be getting some of the cool northerly tradewinds.   Carla brought back a bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee beans which she & Alex claim are the best!  I like strong coffee so I’m going to give this stuff a try, but I always thought Dunkin’ Donuts was known for their doughnuts – not their coffee!  Speaking of coffee, Carla’s sister, Pam, has a built-in coffee maker which makes individual servings of coffee, espresso, and even lattes.  It’s compact and does everything from the storing, grinding, and disposing of the coffee beans to providing steam for the latte.  Just one slight problem … that damn thing costs almost as much as my house!  Who said there was a recession?!!

I think I’ll go and make some coffee on my ol’ reliable Bunn …

Aloha, “D”