Rainy Tuesday

Aloha everyone!  It looks like the rains have returned to Manoa Valley, which is a welcome relief since the past few days have been hot, humid, and very voggy!   The only bad thing is that our puppies refuse to go outside to use the bathroom when it’s raining, so they end up doing their “business” right by the door … grrrrr!!

I’m feeling much better today since I went to the doctor yesterday to get some medicine.  My cough is pretty much gone and my voice is slowly improving!  I sure hopes it gets back to normal by this weekend since we have performances and lots of studio work to do before the next weekend!  For those of you who are able to listen to our new radio show every Sunday on Radio-I in Nagoya, you may hear a strange voice in the background … but don’t be alarmed because that would be me doing my virus-induced Barry White imitation!

By the way, NHK TV & Radio has started promoting their upcoming Minna No Uta episode for April & May which features us, ManoaDNA!  As I said before, we’re really excited about this and hope you guys will watch it when it comes out this Spring.

Lastly, I wanted to send out a special apology to our friend Naoko who flew all the way from Japan with her mother to come see us perform last week.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel Kani Ka Pila last Saturday due to illness, but at least she was able to see us at Lulu’s on Friday.  Sorry, Naoko .. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip and we’ll see you in Japan in a few months!

Aloha, “D”