On the road to recovery (I hope!)

Good news!  My fever finally broke early this morning but my throat is still very sore and my voice still sounds like a frog.  At least my body doesn’t ache anymore and I’m feeling a bit more normal!  Thank you all for you kind messages and I look forward to being back to 100% very soon!

We did a radio promotion for the Punahou Carnival on the Perry & Price Show yesterday morning and the boys did a great job covering for me.  Since I had no voice, Nick had to sing my vocal parts and Mark, our bass player, ended up singing Nick’s harmonies.  It came off pretty well and the audience seemed to like it a lot.  And it was a good thing we canceled Kani Ka Pila last night – my fever came back and I was feeling quite miserable by the time evening rolled around.  I want to apologize again to all of you who went down to KKPG to see us … but believe me, I was NOT a pretty sight!

And finally some good news.  Since it’s already Monday in Japan, I can now tell you guys that NHK TV has scheduled a press release today to announce that their popular TV show, MINNA NO UTA, will be featuring a special song by ManoaDNA!  The song, titled KIZUNA, was written and recorded by ManoaDNA especially for the program and tells the story of our Japanese ancestors who came to Hawai’i looking for a better life.  We were truly honored to do this project, especially since it’s extremely rare for a foreign artist to be featured.  It will be shown throughout Japan in April & May, and Victor Entertainment will be releasing a special ManoaDNA CD for the Japan market which will include KIZUNA along with some cuts from our long-awaited 3rd CD.

It’s time to “Rock ‘n Roll” baby!!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Wow, I’m happy I could hear good news today! 🙂
    Dad seems to be getting better. That’s great!
    And Manoa DNA will show up “MINNA NO UTA!” That’s nice,too!
    I see you at Punahou Carnival.
    Let me show your genki face then,neh!! 🙂

  2. Hi Dad!! I’m happy to hear that!!
    Minnano uta?!?! I want to see that!!!! But I don’t know what time on TV program…
    I looking forward to see you on TV! yey:)