I’m sick!

Good morning everyone!  Well, my worst fears were realized this morning … I lost my voice because of the virus that’s been affecting everyone in my family.  Nick had it first, then Carla, then Carla AGAIN, then Alex , and now me … and no, it’s the common cold – not H1N1!  I started coming down with it on the flight back from the mainland on Thursday evening.  Alex started having fever the day before, so it kind of put us all out of commission.  The bad thing about me getting sick is that it usually goes right to my throat and I totally lose my voice!  We have a radio show promotion this morning which should be interesting since I can’t sing at all … so Nick is going to have to sing my part and Mark is taking Nick’s harmony.  Should be very interesting …

We did perform at Lulu’s last night, and our drummer Seann joined us for the first time.  It was fun except that Alex and I struggled more and more as the night went on.  By the time we were done, my voice was kaput, nada, finito, gonzo … and to make matters worse, I now have a slight fever which I can’t seem to shake.

Since we’re still under the weather today, we have to cancel our performance at Kani Ka Pila tonight.  I sincerely apologize for this cancellation and I hope you will get this message in time if you were planning on going.   Thank you for your understanding … we certainly don’t want you guys to get sick!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Dad… too bad. Take care and hope you feeling better soon!

  2. Take care dad ! I hope you get well soon !!!

  3. Get well soon,Dad!!!!
    Please take a good rest.
    We do understand. Don’t worry 🙂

  4. Hi Dad,
    Try to rest and get well soon.
    Take care…

  5. Ohhhhh, Dad…:'( Are you OK??? Hope you’ll get better and feel better soon!!!