I thought Sunday was supposed to be my day of rest, but not today!  We started off the morning by taking my mom to breakfast at Longhi’s at Ala Moana Center, and then Alex and I spent the afternoon in the recording studio laying guitar tracks for the new JVC Victor CD.  We’re now waiting for Nick so that we can go into the studio to work on a couple of new Manoa DNA – Discover Aloha! radio shows.   We have to finish as much as we can before we leave for the mainland later this week.

It was a beautiful evening at Kani Ka Pila Grille last night, with many first-time visitors in attendance along with many of our friends & family.  Our pals Kale & Anna showed up with Kale’s brother Kimo & his family from California, while friends Wanda & Dirck brought down several members of their Maui ohana.  Mahalo to everyone who came down and I hope we see you after we return from the mainland!

Aloha, “D”


4 thoughts on “Busy Sunday!

  1. Masako 13 years ago

    Hi Dad!!
    Sorry you are so busy… Please take a good rest!
    But I can’t wait your new CD released!!
    I want to listen to “Our Hawai’i” soon:)

    1. dad 13 years ago

      Hi Masako!
      I hope you are well. “Our Hawaii” recently made its debut on Hawaii Tourism Japan commercials, so I hope you can see it!

  2. Naoko Sakata 13 years ago

    Hi!! Dad! How are you ??
    I’m gonna go to Lulus’s on 29! & go to Kanikapila on 30!
    and…..I think I wanna go “Perry&Price Show” at Jimmy Buffett’s on 30 morning!Look forward to seeing MDNA then!

    1. dad 13 years ago

      Hi Naoko,
      Great! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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