It’s freezing here!

Boy, it’s cold this morning!  It’s been like this the past few days and we’ve had to bundle up, especially in the evenings!  I know, I know … low ’60’s is nothing compared to the freezing weather some of you guys are experiencing, but we Hawai’i people are very thin-skinned!  But I will take this cool weather any day over the hot, humid stuff we get during the late summer and fall …

I’m going to be interviewing our pal, Palani Vaughn, for our talk story segment of the ManoaDNA – Discover Aloha! radio show out of Nagoya.  Palani’s a great musician and composer and has written many popular Hawaiian songs, one of which we recorded on our NO PLACE LIKE HOME album.  The song, KA’AAHI KAHULUI, turned out to be a fan favorite as it calls for audience participation when it comes time to blow the train whistle during the chorus!

Well, I’m off … see you at Lulu’s tonight!

Aloha, “D”