It’s Tuesday …

Well, it looks like the cool northerly winds are back … this morning was freezing!  It’s good though, since they blow away all the vog that’s been hanging around the last few days.  Carla’s sick again .. looks like she caught the same virus that Nick had last week so she’s down with a slight fever and cough … nothing serious (I hope!).  I’ve been busy the past couple of days with Iolani business matters and our MDNA radio recordings, so there hasn’t been too much else happening.  We’ll be going to Florida for a week so we have to finish as many radio shows and CD recordings as possible before we leave.

Hope everything is going well for you guys in 2010!

Peace, “D”

One Comment

  1. Get well soon carla… Please take care all!!
    It’s cold here in Japan. It’s snowed in Tokyo!!
    I wanna go to Hawaii!!!