Good concert

Good morning!  We saw Elton John in concert at the Blaisdell Arena last night and it was a pretty good show.  He performed non-stop for almost 3 hours – that’s pretty awesome given that it was only him, his piano, and a percussionist who came in midway through the show.  I think 3 hours was a little long, however, especially with only a piano and some percussions.  There was also an “obnoxious fan from hell” sitting directly behind us – some loaded, tone-deaf chick, who wouldn’t stop yelling even between songs.  She had one of those screechy voices that could curdle milk, and she kept banging the back of our chairs in what I think was her version of dancing, but which looked more like someone having a bad seizure.

I’m going to the Ohana Festival in Moiliili today which features a lot of food, crafts, and entertainment from the local Japanese community.  I especially want to see some of the taiko performances, which is kind of like the Japanese version of “STOMP!.

Aloha, “D”