Elton John tonight!

We’re going to see Elton John tonight and I’m really looking forward to it since I haven’t seen him live in concert since my college days! :-)  I heard from my friends who saw his show on Wednesday that he performed with only his piano and a percussionist, but that it was totally awesome!  I can’t wait to see it!!

It was another rockin’ night at Lulu’s last night and I hope a lot of you were able to watch the live streaming off of our website. Big mahalos to Yutaka, Pat, Michelle, and Joy for the great hula!  Also, thanks to Randy, Misa, Richie, Sunny, Wakaha, Michi, Sae, Shion, Kayoko, Mark, Dave, new fans Angus, Sheila, and Jean from Houston, Tomoe from Sapporo, Japan, and all the rest of you guys who made it such a fun evening for everyone!  Mahalo!

We’ll be quite busy again for the next couple of months since we have to go back into the studio again to finish recording the songs for our new CD.  We also have re-record some of the tracks from our first two albums for a “Best of ManoaDNA” CD which is scheduled to be released this Spring in Japan by JVC Victor.  And our first “ManoaDNA – Discover Aloha” radio show is scheduled to make its debut on Sunday, January 17th, from 11am to 1pm on Radio-I in Nagoya.  Since it’s a weekly show, we’re already working on future shows for the rest of January and February.

And finally, we’ll be going to Florida in a couple of weeks for Carla’s mom’s 90th birthday, so we won’t be performing at Lulu’s and Kani Ka Pila on the 22nd & 23rd of this month.


Aloha, “D”

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  1. Aloha, Dad!
    I couldn’t watch your live at Lulu’s yesterday. It’s pity I missed the first live this year…:(
    Anyway, enjoy the concert!=)

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪