Tuesday, Jan. 5th

Hello, hello, hello!  The New Year is off to a great start with lots of activity on both the ManoaDNA and IOLANI fronts!  Now that Carla is 100% healthy, she’s on a tear over at IOLANI and has big plans for 2010 and beyond.  And after pausing briefly for the Christmas and New Years holidays, MDNA continues to work on new projects including its new CD due out this Spring, and its new radio program, ManoaDNA – Discover Aloha!, on Radio-I FM 79.5 in Nagoya.  In addition, Victor Entertainment will also be debuting a new CD in Japan featuring the best of ManoaDNA including several new originals.  Whew … and that’s just the major stuff!  Stay tuned for more updates!

Poor Nick came down with the flu … but at least it’s not the swine flu!  He wasn’t feeling so good during the weekend and we thought it was because he had celebrated too much during New Years.  He should be fine with a few days rest along with lots of fluids and TLC (tender loving care)!

Speaking of this weekend, it looks like we will not be at Kani Ka Pila on Saturday as previously scheduled – sorry!  We will still be performing at Lulu’s on Friday, however.

Aloha, “D”